Metereological information

Astro Imaging Home Page ( Astro-Photographs and Astronomy Research Links. )
Astro Imaging provides astro-photographs, virtual research library, and weather information for astronomers.
The astronomical information service ASTRONET provides information on astronomical phenomena and closely follows the news on astronomy, space research, space flight, meteorology and earth sciences. ASTRONET is frequently updated.
Center for Astronomical Observing Quality ( CAOQ )
Resource for characterization and forecasting of astronomical observing quality at major observatory sites
Daily Martian Weather Report
The Daily Martian Weather Report is produced by the Mars Global Surveyor Radio Science Team (MGS RST). When the MGS mapping sequence begins, the page will contain a daily weather report for the planet Mars based on radio occultation measurements of the temperature and pressure profiles of the Martian atmosphere. Currently, the site contains information about the MGS mission and the Radio Science Team, the radio occultation technique for study of planetary atmospheres, profiles of the atmosphere of Venus acquired during occultations of the Magellan spacecraft, and information for K-12 educators interested in e-mail communications between their classes and members of the MGS RST.
Dave’s World ( Satellite development, testing & Operations )
Dave’s world is split into three catagories, Space Work (My current work developing the Gravity Probe B’s ground station), Physics (Relativity mostly), Astrophysics (including my previous work with the EUVE), Rocket Science (lots of links, including the X prize), and Space operations (every satellite web page I know of) Dave’s Playground Weather, News, Earthquakes & hurricanes, road conditions, California info, Federal info, images, html, perl & vi resources www sources, music, & misc Jobs on-line job resourses
Freie Universität Berlin – Institut für Meteorologie [English] ( [German] )
The Department of Meteorology at the Free University of Berlin WWW server offers an index of sources for meteorological data on the Internet sorted by continent, manner of data and server-type. In addition they provide weather observations from Berlin and Meteosat pictures received from the University of Nottingham. For users from the FU Berlin they also offer latest radar images. They have links to other servers with interesting documents.
Meteosat images of Europe, Africa, Atlantic and World (3x/day)
Meteosat-3 animations (4x/day)
Meteosat-3 images (4x/day)
Meteosat-3/4 images (4x/day)
Satellite images received from the METEOSAT-4 and METEOSAT-3 satellites. These images are normally updated daily with the updates completed by 14.00 GMT. UK – visible and infra-red Europe – visible and infra-red Scandinavia to the Alps – visible and infra-red World – visible and infra-red
NASA Wallops Flight Facility
Informational, educational, dynamic and interactive.
National Center for Atmospheric Research ( NCAR )
RNOA – Astronomia On-Line ( Portugal )
Um Projecto da Associação Nacional de Observação Astronómica
ROBERTSON, Jeff W. ( Indiana University )
Sociedad Astronomica de Espan~a y America ( SADEYA )
Sociedad Astronomica de Espan~a y America WWW Information Service
Astronomy-dedicated server.
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch ( STD )
The Solar Terrestrial Dispatch (STD) provides information regarding the state of the Sun and its effect on the Earth and the space environment near the Earth. The numerous services provided here are made possible through cooperation with the University of Lethbridge , who we gratefully acknowledge. STD’s primary responsibility is to provide support and time-critical solar and geophysical information to institutions and individuals who require this information. For this purpose, we monitor solar and geophysical conditions in real-time and provide e-mail distribution of numerous services. We also supply many available solar and geophysical services through Anonymous FTP. and several finger servers: finger
Space Environment Laboratory
The Space Environment Laboratory of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration provides near real-time monitoring and forecasting of the environment between the sun and the earth. Our WWW server features Today’s Solar Weather with current solar images, xray and proton plots from GOES satellites, and the latest forecast of solar-terrestrial conditions.
The Daily Planet
Brought to you by the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Illinois. Contains: Weather World the WWW version of the U of I Weather Machine.
Torun Radio Astronomy Observatory ( TRAO )
Torun Radio Astronomy Observatory (TRAO) is an educational and research facility to study the Universe by means of radio waves. The Observatory is a part of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy of Nicolaus Copernicus University.
University of Oxford – Atmospheric, Oceanic & Planetary Physics.
URANIA – Ephemerides
URANIA – Meetings
Astronomical Center Of Alta Val Trebbia / Centro Astronomico dell’Alta Val Trebbia. Genoa, Italy.
Astronomical Center Of Alta Val Trebbia / Centro Astronomico dell’Alta Val Trebbia. Genoa, Italy.
US National Weather Service Forecasts for the ( United States and Canada )